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How It Works


Select the template(s) of your choice, and process your payment.


Download Instructional Guide and access link to Canva and/or PPTX files.


Fully customize all colors, fonts, images, icons, contents.


Once template is fully customized, export file(s) and share.

Types of Templates

What’s Included…

Each template comes with a PDF file that includes:

Links to Canva and/or PPTX file

Miscellaneous Resources

Step-by-Step Instructional PDF or Video (video not applicable for all templates)

This is the most professional packet I have seen by far. As a company, we have access to other products. They are very expensive and look very cheap. For the cost, this product is amazing! Very easy to use with PowerPoint!! Thank you! ~Marnie, Template Purchaser

Test It Out!

These templates are truly GREAT, but don’t take our word for it – take one on a test drive. Download our free business/organization one-pager. Use this template for Organization/Company Overviews; Product, Service, Program Overviews; Event Overviews…anything you want to highlight and share with clients, customers, followers, etc. You can PDF or Jpeg the file to send via email, upload to your website or share on social media.

Looking to Purchase Templates Separately?

Separate templates are available in our Etsy store.